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She is…. a book lover! Meet Alexandra Laura Payne. “Books are my great joy in life. Being surrounded by them gives me both deep tranquility and butterflies all at the same time. Everywhere I go, I am drawn to them. From Austen to angels, history to higher truths, physics to personal empowerment, my shelves are loaded with stories, magic, dreams, ideas and wisdom. A book is more than the sum of its pages. Books transport us to other realms and dimensions of imagining; they take us to that place where we can look within, challenging and comforting us at the same time; they tell us about far-flung places, about our past, and give us insights into the depths of other people. Holding a new book in my hands, whether fiction or non-fiction, is like going on another exciting adventure – one of exploration, emotion and learning. You never know what beauty or magnificence you are going to discover with each turning of the page.”