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Meet Marisa Chib. She is… a filmmaker! “I’ve always written on my hands. Ballpoint pen tattoos; hastily scrawled from fragments of creative inspiration. Shot lists intertwine with experimental film ideas. Possible narrative arcs run perpendicular to notes for my academic research. My hands are a physical representation of my film process; an amalgam of ideas across genres that are constantly evolving, renovating, and combining.
As I’ve stepped into my professional film career, this interdisciplinary passion has served me well. Filmmaking is a demanding profession – one that requires mental and physical longevity – but one that also asks for a fresh perspective every day. I draw my inspiration and support from the talented artist communities around me; especially from networks of fellow female entrepreneurs in Hollywood. From acting to screenwriting to director pitch sessions to long days on set, I am so fortunate to be constantly surrounded by talented women who also strive to merge the traditional boundaries of film. So here’s to female artists, fresh perspectives, and a woman without limits.”