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People = Possibilities! Connecting people with themselves as well as with others, is my super power! Why do I do this? Because I know we attract people from the energy we put out and every person on your path serves a purpose. In 2009, I gifted myself “Connection Cards”. Instead of leading with a job, I chose to lead with “Turning Strangers Into Friends”. Over the years, these cards evolved into a personal mission to share with the world, one person at a time, that the next stranger you meet could be the missing puzzle piece you’ve been seeking. But it takes action to create action. Look around, we live in a world more connected than ever but more disconnected than ever. Since this isn’t going to change, I provide ways to shift it up a bit. I support human connection through events, collaboration with local companies and 1-on-1 work. At my events, everyone wears a name tag. I call it “lead with YOU… rather than, What do you do?”  Bringing people together, being human, revealing the magic that happens when we take our blinders off and let go of comparison and judgment of others. Empowering people to believe in themselves, to reject the idea of rejection and lead with confidence, while having fun & making friends truly is my passion.

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