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She is a cheerleader! Meet Stephanie Reyes. “Starting from the time I could walk, I would constantly dance in grocery stores or flip around the house, until one day, my mom had enough of me breaking all the furniture and encouraged me to try cheerleading. I quickly fell in love with the sport and a decade later, I’m still cheering at the collegiate level. Cheerleading is a lot more than mundanely yelling from the sidelines in a uniform. One needs to be courageous, responsible and extremely attentive as a teammate’s life is quite literally in your hands. One mishap can have serious consequences. Though cheerleading has benefited me in many ways, it often fosters misconceptions about who I am. After graduating as co-valedictorian and enrolling at an Ivy League institution, I still find myself having to defend my intellect based on “cheerleader” stereotypes. Nonetheless, my teammates continue to inspire me to work hard and push past any boundary set by myself, or anyone else.”