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Ana McDermott – She Is A Fighter

We love this next woman’s attitude! She welcomes each new day with gratitude. Meet Ana McDermott – She is a fighter!

“One of my first memories takes place in a hospital at the age of three. I woke up, dazed and confused, with both my parents standing over me. I could hear voices but it took me a moment to comprehend their words. “The surgery went well honey, you’re in the recovery room now.” I had just had my third fundoplication, a surgery in which doctors create the muscle at the bottom of your esophagus from synthetic material, a muscle that I was born without. I had multiple weeks of recovery ahead of me.

This memory foreshadows the countless number of times that my parents and I would have this exact same conversation over the next eighteen years. I was born with a myriad of health issues, mainly stemming from the various physical ailments that formed in the womb. I’m the one in a million that most surgeries do not work for, so I must have these surgeries every few years. On a daily basis I suffer from IBS, acid reflux, asthma and depression. I get sick almost every time I eat, I have a weaker immune system than most, and I often feel down because serious health issues increase my susceptibility to depressive moods. My health has done a great deal in molding me into the person I am today, but I have never let my health define me.

Despite my health issues, I live one of the luckiest lives in the world. I have a supportive, inspirational family who never let me believe I could not achieve my dreams. I grew up with supportive doctors, coaches and teachers who inspired my love of learning, passion for sports and dreams of traveling internationally. I have friends who have stood by me through the best and the worst, constantly teaching me lessons of hard work, forgiveness and kindness. With the help of these countless beautiful people, I’ve been able to achieve my goals of playing competitive sports, attending college, and working in the professional industry of my choice (at the moment, hospitality). I could not have achieved these goals without the help of loved ones and I’m grateful for every moment, sick or healthy, that I’m alive.

I’ve learned that life is a gift and no matter what personal obstacles you face, it is always worth it to keep fighting and look forward to the future. Everyone faces challenges that no one else could imagine, but it is key to believe in yourself, and be a fighter. You CAN – and WILL conquer whatever is thrown in your direction if you truly want to. Believe in yourself and support those around you – you never know what the person next to you could be battling. With this attitude, women can help one another keep fighting to achieve their goals and become a more positive and influential force of nature! Every single one of you is without limits! Do your best to believe that about yourself, and to remind those around you each and every day of that fact.”


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  • Kathleen Casey
    Posted at 18:21h, 29 April Reply

    What an inspiration you are! Dealing with digestive issues can place a shadow over your life, especially since so much of our socializing revolves around food. But you dispel the shadows on a continuous basis. Congratulations!

    • Ana P McDermott
      Posted at 15:41h, 20 May Reply

      Your comment just made my day, thank you so much!

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