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Nothing like going to your girlfriends for advice, am I right?
We got you, girl.
Check out the topics we’ve already tackled, and feel free to submit your own.

Are there any dietary restrictions you recommend girls and women try for a few days, just to experiment?

Expert – Kelly Hart (Health​ conscious reflexologist, world traveler and advisee): I don’t blindly recommend dietary restrictions. Moderation is still a good general rule. I encourage people to read labels and be mindful of what they put in their bodies. Remember that the purpose of food is nourishment. What we eat impacts our mood, sleep, and energy levels. When we don’t feel well, it can usually be traced to the gut. Imbalances impact our immune system, allergies, asthma, even the condition of our hair and skin. Toxic systems lead to all sorts of problems. Sugar, specifically, is one of the most damaging things in our diets.

What are your tricks and tips for obtaining a fitness goal?

Expert – L​auren S​esselmann (Olympian) ​: I think for me what I find that works is writing out my goals/meals for the week. I’ll sit down every Sunday and write out what my workouts are for the week or what classes I want to try out. I want to make sure I’m not overdoing it and that there is a balance between endurance work, sprint work, ball work, speed/strength work. I also find it works to map out your day…this time I’m doing emails, this time I’ll be at the gym, meal time, time with friends etc. so it ensures I’m getting my work done but also enjoying life to the fullest. I always carry workout clothes and cleats in my car which I find helps because it forces me to go to gym when my energy is low. I also carry snacks with me everywhere. I never weigh myself because if I feel good that is all that matters

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