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Katey Haas – She is telling her story

She is a talker! We love when women capitalize on their strengths! Meet Katey Haas – She is Telling Her Story.


“Ever since I can remember, I have loved to talk. I talk when I should, I talk when I shouldn’t, I even sometimes talk to myself. I used to be teased when I was a kid about how I would talk to any and everyone. Now that I’ve grown up, though, I’ve realized that it’s more than just talking – I love storytelling. And that’s exactly what I get to do everyday at my job as the Marketing Manager for the Washington Media Institute here in Washington, DC. I get to be a voice for this organization – which means I sometimes spend hours deciding the perfect words to use to capture the right feeling. I’ve learned how to use more than words, too – I use images and web pages and colors to tell our story. I never thought when I was a kid that the thing that made me sort of weird (but that I loved to do) could one day be channeled into a real career. But I guess life is funny that way: sometimes the things we least expect to change our lives do. So if you’re a talker like me, keep talking, girlfriend, because it just might become your future career.”


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